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    The Blue Box Café by Tiffany & Co. launches in Dubai Mall

    If you’ve ever dreamt of stepping into the world of Tiffany & Co., where luxury and elegance converge, then the Blue Box Café is the place to make those dreams come true. This iconic eatery, located in New York City, London, Hong Kong, and soon to be launched in Dubai, captures the essence of the renowned jewellery brand, offering patrons an unforgettable dining experience.

    As you enter the Blue Box Café, you are immediately immersed in the brand’s signature colour – Tiffany Blue. The interior décor, inspired by the iconic Tiffany blue box, exudes sophistication and charm, creating an ambiance that is both enchanting and glamorous.


    The menu at the Blue Box Café is a delightful fusion of classic and contemporary dishes, carefully curated to complement the brand’s heritage. Guests can indulge in delectable breakfasts, lunches, and afternoon teas, each beautifully presented with the same attention to detail that Tiffany & Co. is famous for by world renowned Chef, Daniel Boulud. The Dubai menu is expected to be similar to its international counterparts showcasing options such as Quiche au Vert L’oeuf Dore and Passionfruit Bavarois on Victoria Sponge and a luxury Bellocq tea collection.


    But perhaps the most magical aspect of the Blue Box Café experience is its over-the-top dessert selection. From the exquisite Tiffany Blue macarons to the mouthwatering cakes and pastries, every sweet treat is a work of art, making it the perfect spot for a celebratory occasion or simply a self-indulgent escape.


    The Blue Box Café in Dubai is a momentous achievement for Tiffany & Co., as it marks their first venture into the Middle East. Now, residents and visitors alike can bask in the brand’s timeless allure while savouring delectable flavours and enjoying exceptional service.


    Whether you are a die-hard Tiffany & Co. fan or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, a visit to the Blue Box Café is a must. Step into the world of luxury, immerse yourself in elegance, and savour the magic that only Tiffany & Co. can deliver.

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