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    We Love: The best Boxing Gyms in Dubai

    Dubai has a thriving boxing scene whether you are a seasoned professional a beginner looking to learn the art of boxing. Dubai boasts some top of the range boxing gyms that cater to all skill levels. Have a look below at some of the best boxing gyms in Dubai where champions are made.


    Round 10 Boxing Club



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    Known for its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, Round 10 Boxing Club is a popular choice among Dubai’s boxing community. Conveniently located in Al Quoz, this gym offers a range of boxing classes such as Strength & Conditioning, Power Boxing, Boxing Cardio and much more. Whether you are looking for high-intensity group training or one-on-one coaching, Round 10 Boxing Club has you covered. The experienced trainers create a supportive environment that fosters personal growth and helps you achieve your fitness goals.

    Tel: +971 43 380 101 @round10boxing


    9Round Fitness


    If you are seeking a fast-paced and intense boxing workout, 9Round Fitness is an excellent choice. With its primary location on Al Wasl street, this gym offers a unique circuit training concept that combines boxing techniques with strength and cardio exercises. Each session lasts for just 30 minutes, making it ideal for individuals with a busy schedule. The trainers at 9Round Fitness ensure a high-energy environment where you can push your limits and achieve maximum results.

    Tel: +971 43 217 997 @9rounduae





    Situated at The Hive in Studio City, Boxica invites one and all to take control of their fitness and sign up to their fun filled, sweat inducing boxing workouts. This multi-concept fitness studio prides themselves in a great community with fantastic coaches and promises that you can have results even without having to take a hit or step in a ring. They are currently running a summer deal of AED 300 for 10 days of unlimited classes.

    Tel: +971 55 483 8361 @boxica


    TK MMA & Fitness



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    Although primarily known for mixed martial arts (MMA), TK MMA & Fitness also offers excellent boxing training in Dubai. Situated in Media City, this gym boasts top-notch facilities, including a dedicated boxing area equipped with heavy bags, speed bags, and a boxing ring and even an outdoor pool and podcast studio. With a team of skilled trainers who have competed at the highest levels of combat sports, TK MMA & Fitness provides comprehensive boxing programs that cater to beginners and experienced fighters alike.

    Tel: +971 45 641 922 @tkmmafit


    The Champion Club



    Situated in the Icon Building, JLT, The Champion Club is a renowned boxing gym that caters to all levels of boxing enthusiasts, from beginners to professional athletes. The facility features a spacious boxing area with high-quality equipment, as well as strength and conditioning facilities to support overall fitness. The Champion Club prides itself on its experienced trainers who offer personalized coaching, helping individuals develop their boxing skills while enhancing their physical fitness and mental discipline.

    Tel: +97144 474980 @thechampionsclubdubai


    Dubai’s boxing scene offers an array of exceptional gyms where individuals can embark on their boxing journey or sharpen their skills. Whether you aspire to compete professionally or simply want to engage in a challenging and empowering workout, these top boxing gyms in Dubai provide the ideal environment to achieve your goals. So, lace up your gloves and step into these boxing havens where your dreams of becoming a champion can become a reality.

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